Peachy's Webpage

~ Welcome to the heaven zone ~

Any pronouns | 16 | artist \ bisexual

Hello. I'm Peachy and welcome to my Webpage. Please check out my characters if you would like. I like making new ones a lot, so there may be a lot of them. Please feel free to follow me and the like. You can contact me on my Twitter, or on other social medias. 

I am a big fan of scenecore, animecore, webcore, kidcore and old web / 2000s web / 90s web. None of the graphics I use in the CSS coding belong to me. My favorite colors are Pink, red and black. I love natural elements and the like, and anime and cartoons. If you have any recommendations for shows or video games, please let me know. My favorite holiday is Halloween, and I love Halloween-themed characters. My birthday is August 19th, and I am a Leo. Please feel free to talk to me over discord! Make sure to tell me who you are, though. peachy#7614 is my discord.

L*licon / Sh*tacon freaks please stay away. Make sure to read my carrd.


Do not Interact if you:

>Are into the following: DDLG, ABDL, L*licon, Sh*tacon, weird gross k*nk stuff, or think that fiction does not have a bearing on reality. Please do not bring up past drama, I am trying to move on and it helps not to bring it up! I know i've done wrong in the past, but i've changed - and i'm more sensitive now. Thank you!

> i can tend to get clingy with friends / mutuals since i dont have such a good set of boundaries ! if i am being a bother please please tell me!!
> i have OCD and anxiety, so please keep that in mind, i am also quite sensitive to being in drama and/or being yelled at even via text.
> i have low processing, so it may take me a bit to understand certain things.

> i sometimes talk abt my faves a lot and also my friends! i try not to come off as too annoying abt it though..